At Zunti, we offer a variety of awning models, from basic cassette-free to cassette awnings. Operation can be manual or electric. For greater safety and automatic operation, we offer you various options, so you can equip the awning with various control systems such as wind and sun sensor. These systems allow the awning to be operated automatically according to the current weather conditions.
You can also choose from different types of canvas. We offer acrylic canvases in a wide range of colors and protective coatings. Awning sheets can have a self-cleaning coating, increased protection from the sun and the development of mold.

Cassette-free awnings provide basic protection for terraces and balconies from the sun. The canvas is wound on an axle with manual or motor drive. Possibility of upgrading with wind or sun sensor.

Cassette awnings represent a perfect protection of terraces and balconies from the sun and rain. The variety of colors and designs allows complete flexibility to your needs. You can also choose between different control modes, manually or on an electric motor. All awnings can be upgraded with weather sensors, which ensure complete autonomy of operation.

Outdoor circular awning in folding and fixed design. The circular awning is intended for shading and covering window openings, entrances, balconies, terraces and shop windows.
Circular awnings are personalized with inscriptions and serve as a great advertisement for the company.
The structure is made of aluminum, profiles measuring 35 or 50 mm, depending on the model. The folding circular awning can be operated on a cord, monocommand or electric drive.
Many fabrics are possible, but for optimal use we recommend the Pol Tempotest Star polyester fabric.

To choose the optimal protection of your balcony or terrace, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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