Internal blinds

Internal blinds are one of the most recognizable interior blinds. With their lamellas that can be opened and closed, they offer precise control over the light requirements in the room. The decorative aspect optimally adapts to the many requirements and desires for light, privacy, excellent transparency, thermal insulation. Decide for yourself which argument is most important to you! No other product allows you to play so perfectly with the sun.

Interior blinds shade the rooms and, together with the elegantly designed hardware, further decorate your living space. The canvas for interior blinds can be chosen from many color patterns, different transparencies and possible decorative patterns, which ensure the complete harmony of the elements in your home, and with dimming interior blinds you can completely darken your space.

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Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds with installation in front of glass surfaces allow the filtering of light, heat or a combined effect of both, as they prevent overheating of the interior and thus also reduce the energy for cooling the interior in the warmer months.

External blinds can be operated with a control chain, monocommand or via an electric motor with a button or remote control.

External Shutters
Exterior Blinds

Outdoor roller blinds offer effective protection, color and light play. They give your home a special touch. All this, hand in hand, with superior functionality, prevents overheating of your living space in the summer.

You can choose between different color patterns of fabrics and their degree of darkening. This allows you to choose the amount of light in the room according to your own wishes.


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