Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets prevent mosquitoes and other nasty insects from entering our homes. We offer nets that can be installed independently or in combination with all types of outdoor blinds, under insulation or visibly. The components of the mosquito net are made of extruded powder-coated aluminum that is maintenance-free. We offer mosquito screens in all RAL colors, in various wood imitations and other structural colors. The mosquito net is made of fiberglass, which is protected by PVC UV resistant mass (gray, black, (). At Zunti, we offer a large selection of roller mosquito screens for windows and doors. Zunti, in its rich offer of nets, also offers plush, wing, fixed, ZIP and concealed nets in almost all of the previously mentioned designs.

Rolling nets for windows are designed to protect window openings. Due to the easy operation, they allow us to reach through the window several times a day for various tasks, such as watering flowers, closing shutters, passing objects through the window… They can be operated with string, chain, monocommand and motor drive. Nets are the best investment during the mosquito season. A pleasant and peaceful sleep, without mosquito bites, is worth installing nets! When the insect season is over, we store them in a roll cabinet, where they remain protected from external environmental influences.

Rolling nets for doors are an ideal choice for balcony doors and panoramic walls. The bottom guide of most models of side roller nets has a height of only 3 mm, which ensures complete access for children and the disabled. It also ensures easy control of the mosquito net. Management is easy and does not require much power. The special attachment of the mosquito net to the lower and upper guide of the side roller nets provides 100% protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

Pleated nets are a new system in horizontal and vertical design. Suitable for installation on openings where there is very little space. The low hiking threshold allows for a smooth transition.Pleated nets stop in any position. Their management is easy. Nets are the best investment during the mosquito season. A pleasant and peaceful sleep, without mosquito bites.


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